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By Tommy Corcoran

Wednesday 18th May

Claddagh Villagers by Richard Ward

I am so proud to bring you Claddagh Villagers by Richard Ward which is now available in Mo Phaisean Art Gallery Milltownpass. 

This painting shows the fish market at Spanish Arch, Galway. 

The Spanish arch is part of a medieval wall which surrounded the town of Galway built-in 1584. It consists of two arches, a house near the arch and has a name on the wall.  Women are wearing shawls and a girl has a broom in her hand there are wooden vats and a donkey and cart bringing fish to town. This painting captures the market circa 1900-1905. 

What a great piece of history which you can view here in the gallery

signed lower right
19 x 27in. (48.26 x 68.58cm)
28.50 x 36in. (72.39 x 91.44cm)
Excellent condition.